Author Program

Douglas Kennedy

We sometimes struggle with dreams and reality, or between love and stability in life (『Big Picture』, 『Isabelle in the Afternoon』), and we are also judged and criticized for being different from others and worrying about the standard of ‘happiness’. (『Aurore』 series) Find out what kind of choices we need to make so we don’t regret it and what kind of mindset we have to live to be happy.

Laetitia Colombani

Blanche, who built a shelter for women driven to the streets in 1925, and Solen, a woman living in the present day, intersects the story of the oppression of women who still exist despite the passage of time. The fact that the original title of her novel 『Women’s House』(Korean version title) is ‘Les Victorieuses’ symbolizes that she wants to show the appearance of ‘victors’ who try to live their lives in the midst of oppression.

Judith Schalansky

Why do we only realize what it meant to us when we lost something irretrievable? Whether it is the history of a country or the history of a family, why can silence have power? Judith Schalansky asks these questions in her work 『An Inventory of Losses』


The 17 short and long writings of Chan Ho-kei, written in the state of Diogenes, seem to be disorderly grouped into one book (『Diogenes Variations』), but each story has its own harmony by matching the classical music that goes well with it. In this interview, various stories of Chan Ho-kei’s daily life and work style, in harmony with Kwak Jae-sik’s questions and reactions, are revealed in an interesting way.

Max Porter, Han Kang

The night we meet after losing someone is long and long. Two writers, Han Kang and Max Porter, tell us how we can push through that dark time and move forward while facing the chaotic horrors and broken places that come after we lose our loved ones. In the process, the scars of history and the sorrows of life gradually fade and become clear. We hope you will follow along with the gentle and soft light that comes at the end.

Eric Weiner

The word ‘Philosophy’ is derived from the Greek word philosophia, which means ‘Love of wisdom’. It means that philosophy is not knowledge which means simple facts, but that using that knowledge to love and explore the wisdom necessary for life. We would like to learn how to love wisdom through a lecture by Eric Weiner, the author of 『The Socrates Express』.


『FIX』 As you can see from the title, which means ‘to fix, to correct,’ this book was conceived to uncover the innocence of those who were falsely framed and pointed out as criminals and to rectify the facts. Let’s find out what the author is trying to say through this mystery novel based on real famous crime cases.


Parents’ desire for their children to become upper class people is a mistaken mind that is based purely on their own self-interest, which hurts their children. Through this work, reminiscent of the Korean drama , we learn about the reality of the parents world in Taiwan.

Jonas Jonasson

‘If I step on your toes, you will step on my foot. Followed by me, stepping on whole of you, followed by you, throwing a hand grenade after me.’ Vengeance only breeds other revenge and never ends easily. What do you think of the phrase ‘Revenge is an escalating disease’? Think through his new work 『Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd.』.