Genre Focus

Olivier Truc, Si-woo Song

We talk about the dark shadows and absurdities of society that are revealed through the deaths of the marginalized, and the boundaries that come into contact with reality.

Hannelore Cayre, You-Jeong Jeong

『Perfect Happiness』 starts from the seemingly obvious proposition that ‘Humans seek happiness’, while paying attention to the noise that occurs when ‘my’ happiness collides with other people’s happiness. Through the narcissist who fell into the swamp of narcissism, relentlessly removing obstacles to sustain his happy moments, she poses a heavy literary question to a society preoccupied with harmless and pure happiness.

Michel Montheillet, Jaehoon Choi

Recently, as webtoons are industrially advanced, the quality of works is being upgraded. At this point, we would like to invite two authors to talk about each other’s world of work, to give a new stimulus to the webtoon market, and to share stories about the characteristics of French and Korean genre comics.