Maxime Chattam, Mi-ae Seo

Are serial killers born or made? Based on the wealth of experiences that they have learned from studying criminal psychology and covering the scene for many years, we can listen to ‘Human Malice’ and the story behind the novel from Mi-ae Seo and Maxim Chattam, who have now established themselves as the leading mystery/thriller writers in Korea and France.

Bernard Werber

Being able to imagine a different world is the reason why SF/fantasy literature is absolutely necessary in the era of stopping here and now.

Michel Bussi, Bernard Minier, Kim Un-su, Do Jin-ki

Due to the development of technology, the composition of new tricks and the ethical issue of depicting victims become an issue, changing the writing and reading conditions of mystery/thriller novel. In such a situation, we look at what kind of creative perspectives writers make when they work, and what kind of reading readers will need about it.