[2020] Seminar

[2020 SIBF Rights center Seminar 3] Theme: Creating relationships with readers through a variety of online PR and marketing

Kim Myung-hwan (Seoul National University)

1) Martin Johs., editor-in-chief of Swann Studio
2) Cho Ji Soon, Woongjin Thinkbig

[2020 SIBF Rights center Seminar 2] Theme: the present and the future of Korean Books in Asian market

Joseph Lee, CEO of KL Management

1) Nguyen Ha, Rights Manager of ThaiHabooks JSC
2) Wedha Stratesti Yudha, Foreign Rights Manager of Gramedia Publishers Indonesia
3) Akie Ito, staff of CUON Inc.

[2020 SIBF Rights center Seminar 1] Theme: The Future and Potential of Books in Corona era

Jae Ho Kang (Seoul National University)

1) Martina Barth, Key Account Manager of Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH
2) José Bolghino, Secretary General, International Publishers Association
3) Bradley Metrock, Executive Producer, Digital Book World