[2021] Seminar


迟云, Editor-in-Chief, Shandong Publishing Group


Seiichi Higuchi, Secretary General, Japan Book Publishers Association


Laura Bangun Prinsloo, Chairperson, Indonesia national book committee

Why Copyright Matters Today amidst COVID-19 Pandemic?

Moderator: Kang Jae-ho (Professor, Seoul National University(SNU))

1) Michael Healy, Executive Director, International Relations Copyright Clearance Center
2) José Bolghino, Secretary General, International Publishers Association(IPA)
3) Trasvin Jittidecharak, Foudner, Silkworm Books
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Kang Jae-ho
Jaeho Kang is Associate Professor in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies in the Department of Communication at Seoul National University in South Korea.
He was Senior Lecturer in Critical Media and Cultural Studies at SOAS, University of London (2012-2018), Assistant Professor in Sociology of Media at the New School in New York City (2005-2012), and the Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the Institut für Sozialforschung of the University of Frankfurt (2004-2005).
He completed his PhD in social and critical theory at the University of Cambridge in 2004.
His work focuses on critical and social theory of media with particular reference to the intersections of digital screen, media spectacle, and urban space.
Kang is the author of Walter Benjamin and the Media: The Spectacle of Modernity (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2014).

Michael Healy
Michael Healy is the Executive Director (International Relations) at Copyright Clearance Center and is based in New York City.
Prior to joining CCC, Michael was Executive Director of The Book Rights Registry and previously Executive Director of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG).
Before moving to the United States in 2006, Michael worked for more than 20 years in the publishing industry in the UK, spending most of that time in senior editorial, sales and distribution roles in digital publishing.
For much of his career, Michael has been closely involved in the development of standards for the international book trade.
He has been Chairman of the International ISBN Agency, a Director of the International DOI Foundation, and he led the international ISO committee that developed ISBN-13.
He currently chairs the International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) Agency and is a director of the UK Copyright Hub.
He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on copyright, licensing, and future trends in publishing.

Jose Bolghino
José Borghino has been Secretary General of the International Publishers Association, Geneva, since September 2015. He joined the IPA as Policy Director in 2013, and was in charge of policy development, organizing the Prix Voltaire (IPA’s Freedom to Publish Prize), and managing the IPA’s activities in the educational publishing sector, including the annual ‘What Works?’ conference and the Educational Publishers Forum. Before joining the IPA, José was ‘Manager, Industry Representation’ at the Australian Publishers Association. He has been Executive Director of the Australian Society of Authors, a lecturer in literary journalism and creative industries at the University of Sydney, and editor of the online news magazine NewMatilda.com. José held senior positions at the Literature Board of the Australia Council and was the founding editor of EDITIONSReview.

Trasvin Jittidecharak
Trasvin Jittidecharak is from Chiang Mai, Thailand. She founded Silkworm Books, a general, independent publisher of English-language books in Thailand and Southeast Asia. In 2005, Trasvin founded Mekong Press Foundation to support publishing activities and establish a network in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.
Trasvin served in local and international publishing communities. They included: the International Publishers Association (IPA) Executive Committee, 2012–17; a focal person, UNESCO Bangkok World Book Capital City, 2013; chaired the Organizing Committee, the 30th IPA Congress, Bangkok 2015; an advisor, the Publishers and Booksellers Association of Thailand (2009–15; 2019–21); the IPA’s Freedom to Publish Committee (2017–21); the Secretary-General, the ASEAN Book Publishers Association, 2020–21.

Frankfurter Buchmesse

Jenny Kühne - Project Lead Digital, Frankfurter Buchmesse

Jenny Kühne is responsible for Frankfurter Buchmesse’s digital appearance. She has already held various positions at the Frankfurter Buchmesse since 2013, mainly in the Rights & Licences division, where she has been involved in the development of the online rights platform IPR License. Prior to this, she studied languages and literature and gained experience in international publishing – including editing and agenting.
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Please briefly describe the work that you are currently in charge of at the book fair

My name is Jenny Kühne and I am the Project Lead Digital for the Frankfurter Buchmesse. I am working on the development and implementation of (new) digital formats.

This year’s fair will be held from October 20th to 24th. How do you prepare for the upcoming event? Frankfurter Buchmesse had already undergone a big change last year due to the COVID-19. Is there any notable change this year?

We took advantage of the exceptional situation in 2020 to expand our digital offers for exhibitors and trade visitors as well as for the public. This year, we evaluated all new digital offers right at the beginning and optimised them for FBM21. At the same time, we evaluated their needs in workshops with publishers and integrated them into our new trade fair concept in 2021. But the biggest change from last year is that this year we can again plan a physical fair with stands in the halls. Of course, in constant consultation with the authorities and within an officially approved hygiene concept. As much as we have all become accustomed to livestreams and digital conferences for the past year – both our fair team and our exhibitors are looking forward to planning physical stands and events again, too!

Please tell us about the Frankfurt’s digital rights platform ‘Frankfurt Rights’. What process do participant need to go through to register as a buyer or seller? We would be appreciated if you tell us about how much publishers and agencies participated last year.

Frankfurt Rights is an online platform for the international rights community, to discover new content, exchange rights and connect with business partners. As in 2020, we will offer a free basic package to anyone interested. Rights buyers can register free of charge anytime at www.frankfurtrights.com. Sellers who already registered an account in 2020 can continue to use this one free of charge, too. Any company holding rights and interested in presenting them through the platform can request an account through the Frankfurt Rights website from August onwards.

In 2020, 2978 new seller company accounts were created.

There was an article with the title of “Frankfurt Book Fair anticipates 50% physical capacity”. Considering the current state of vaccination in Germany and other Corona-related situation, how much do you expect to be recovered by next year?

I understand your question in the sense that you mean the level of 50% compared to the level of 2019. Because 2019 was by far one of our most successful years. Never before we had so many exhibitors, visitors, events, discussions, parties, meetings and exchanges as in the year before Corona. It is difficult to predict when we will achieve similar numbers again, especially since the framework conditions have changed fundamentally due to the pandemic: Digital meetings and mobile working have become a matter of course – with all the advantages and disadvantages. One more reason for us to continue to rely more on hybrid formats in the future – in addition to our physical presence. Cultural events need atmosphere – they work best live. We want to continue to hold this unique event in the future!

I heard that this year’s book fair plans to impose more restrictions on the access of general visitors, including students. Is it for paying more attention to the exchange of copyrights by publishers or agents than general visitors’ purchase of books?

We are glad that we will be able to offer a physical fair again in 2021 due to the improved pandemic situation. But even in this situation, the hygiene concept will require restrictions for all visitors in the halls and areas of the fair in autumn. To ensure the safety of all participants, the Frankfurter Buchmesse team has developed a comprehensive health and safety plan for the fair, in keeping with the Covid-19 regulations issued by the state of Hesse and in close cooperation with the local health authorities and Messe Frankfurt. Admission to the fairgrounds will only be possible with a personalised ticket. Visitors will only be permitted to enter after they demonstrate that they fulfil the applicable requirements; currently, this means they must show documentation confirming that they are fully vaccinated, or that they have been tested for Covid-19 and are negative. The generous layout of all levels in the exhibition halls and the limited total number of participants will help prevent crowding.

The London Book Fair

Andy Ventris - Director, The London Book Fair

Andy Ventris is an experienced event leader who joined Reed Exhibitions in 2013 and has worked across some of the company’s key events; for the last five years as part of the senior management team delivering a growing portfolio of luxury travel events across five continents. He also has taken the lead in launching large-scale events in Singapore and China. With a background in marketing, his early career was in the sports industry before transitioning into running large scale events in both the B2C and B2B spaces. He has helped grow established brands and set their strategic direction working closely with the industry and customers in the process.
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Please briefly describe the work that you are currently in charge of at the book fair

In my role as Director of The London Book Fair, I oversee the team’s work organising the Fair, from creating and marketing our programs to running the event itself, as well as managing our relationships with the global publishing industry and stakeholders.

This year’s fair was previously planned to be held as a physical event. However, there was a change in a format, taking place solely online. What factors let to this decision? Was it because of the increasing number of infections? It would be appreciated if you share with us the decision process.

Following the cancellation of The London Book Fair 2020 due to the Government lockdown, we were hopeful that it would be possible to hold the 2021 Fair in person. However, rising infections in the UK and travel restrictions for overseas exhibitors and visitors made it increasingly challenging to hold a physical event as originally planned.

The decision to pivot the event to online for 2021 came after extensive conversations with exhibitors, stakeholders, and our advisory board, exploring the different options available in light of the difficult and unpredictable public health situation. Ultimately, it became clear that an in-person Fair would not be able to offer the full value to participants that we wanted to deliver, and we proceeded with The Online Book Fair in lieu of a physical event.

The Online Book Fair reconvened on June 21, two weeks after the four-day conference was over. Was there any special reason for holding the event in this way?

Usually, we hold our Conferences in the same week as our seminar programme,to allow interested publishers coming together in London to attend both. This year, The Online Book Fair gave us the opportunity to spread our programme out across June, offering plenty of time for attendees to catch up with the sessions on-demand. We were very conscious of creating a programme schedule that avoided ‘Zoom fatigue’ – having the longer Conference days slightly separate from the seminar programme allowed us to mitigate this.

There was a conference "Introduction to Rights", which was held at June 7. How many people participated and what particular content that attracts people’s attention most?

We hold our Introduction to Rights Conference everyyear, with rights expert sharing their knowledge with those new to the industry or aspiring to do more in the field. Sessions included panels on licensing opportunities, seminars walking attendees through the rights selling process, and a Q&A in which experts answered questions on all things rights related. This year’s conference was as popular as ever, with over 100 attendees tuning in live, and more watching on catch-up in the following month.

When will the next year’s book fair be held and how will it be? (Hybrid form of online and offline?) Do you have any plan to go back to the pre-COVID 19 scale?

We are looking forward to holding an in-person event next year, with The London Book Fair 2022 due to take place at Olympia, London from Tuesday 5th – Thursday 7th April. We are hopeful that this will mark a return to full scale Book Fairs, giving us all the much-anticipated chance to reconnect with others from the global publishing industry.

We are currently beginning planning for the Fair and whilethe main focus will be on coming together in person again to work, share and network, there will no doubt be hybrid/online elements to ensure that The London Book Fair is accessible as it can be.

As of my understanding, there was a talk about ‘Hybrid Author’ in a particular session during this year’s fair. "Rise of ‘hybrid author’ as writers buy back their rights". Do you predict that this phenomenon will continue in the future?

We have many ‘hybrid authors’ attend The London Book Fair each year, both as visitors and speakers, particularly for our popular Writers Summit seminar programme. The publishing world is constantly evolving, and we are certainly seeing more aspiring and establishedauthors looking at the possibilities of independent publishing. As independent alternatives become more mainstream and the pull of digital increases, it seems likely that interest in this area will continue, with authors operating across both traditional publishing and self-publishing.

U.S. Book Show

Cevin Bryerman - CEO, Publishers Weekly

Cevin Bryerman is the publisher and CEO of Publishers Weekly, the international news platform of the book publishing industry. He has been in the publishing business for more than 30 years, working at the helm of both trade and consumer magazines in strategic planning, business development and strategic partnerships. Bryerman has an astute sense of possibility in working with colleagues around the world. Under his leadership, Publishers Weekly has expanded internationally with partnerships ranging from publishers in Canada to Spain to the UAE to India, Hong Kong and China. Notable initiatives launched under Bryerman’s watch include the U.S. Book Show, a new book fair that took over from BookExpo in May 2021 and will run again in May 2022; and New York Rights Fair, formerly a joint effort with BookExpo, which rejuvenated the international rights center at BookExpo. In addition to the BookExpo PW Show Daily, he launched international show daily publications with the London Book Fair, Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Frankfurt International Book Fair and Guadalajara International Book Fair. He forged partnerships stateside for publications with the Miami Book Fair and the Texas Book Festival.
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Cevin Bryerman, CEO at Publishers Weekly

Please briefly describe the work that you are currently in charge of at the book fair

I am responsible for the strategic and operations of the U.S. Book Show.

  • Work with the Senior Marketing Director for the execution and marketing of the event.
  • Work with the EVP Editorial on the content of the event.
  • Work with the VP of Sales on sponsorships for the event.
  • Responsible for putting together the budget for the U.S. Book Show.
  • Responsible to prepare the executive summary for sponsors.
  • Responsible overseeing customer service for the event.
  • Responsible for hiring the team for the show.
BookExpo America, which was canceled at previous year due to the Coronavirus, was eventually retired in 2021. Was there any burden in organizing and holding this new event under this circumstance?

Our issue in the execution of the U.S. Book Show was the short timeframe which needed to create the event and buy-in from the industry to support the show.

  • Finding the virtual platform that fit our needs within our operating budget. The platform needed to be user friendly for the sponsors. We need to find a company to handle over 100+ pre-recorded video.
  • Commitment from keynote speakers and work with their publicity teams for permissions.
  • Driving registration and working with key partners for outreach to their members
  • Training sponsors on the platform in short period of time.
  • Teaching the vendors our sponsors needs for a successful program
At this year’s event, Oprah Winfrey and Keanu Reeves participated as a keynote speaker and drew a lot of attention. How and why did you invite them? What was the subject that they talked about?

​The important to have strong authors with a message which will drive an audience. Speakers spoke about their books or their personal goals for their books. Topics of conversation from diversity, why they write books based on personal issues, culture, and topical issues.

There were about 150 publishers participated as 3-D Virtual Booth at this year’s online event. Were there actual copyright transactions take place through virtual booth? Or simply visitors get information about participating publishers?

There were no copyright transactions. Visitors came to learn about forthcoming books and had the opportunity to chat, pick up galleys, and network with the attendees. The U.S. Book Show attendees were able to request advance reading copies to review for potential purchases. Sponsors were able to generate e-mail leads for audience development or future promotions for books.

There is a news that next year’s book fair will be held from May 25th to 27th. Due to COVID-19, it was only conducted virtually this year. How do you plan to proceed next year’s event? A hybrid show including both of virtual and in-person program?

The U.S. Book Show will be a virtual event in 2022 with live and zoom events for the three days. We will continue to have professional panels, editors selections to create buzz and awareness. We are in the process of finding key strategic partners and associations to create content.

Javits Convention Center, which turned into an emergency field hospital, is not available at the moment. If you organize the physical fair next year, where are you planning to hold an event?

The U.S. Book Show are looking at options if there is a physical space. We are looking at other venues outside of NYC. Cost is a major factor for publishers and we are very sensitive to publishers budgets.

Trends in the Korean-French genre publishing market

Moderator: Hélène Fischbach, Director, Quais du polar
– Pierre Bisiou, Chief Editor, Matin Calme
– Kwang-kyu Park, Critics of mystery novel
– Han Yi, Chairperson, Korea Mystery Writers Association

Seminar to Revitalize the Korean-Italian Publishing Industry

Moderator: Vincenzo Cali, Director, Italian Trade Agency office in Seoul
– Federico Failla, Ambassador of Italy to Republic of Korea
– Roberto Luongo, General Director, Italian Trade Agency
– Ricardo Franco Levi, President, Italian Publishers Association
– Paola Seghi, AIE(Italian Publishers Association)
– Elena Pasoli, Exhibition Manager, Bologna Children’s Book Fair
– Jung WonOk, Director, Korean Publisher Association
– Sara Mazzucchi, AIE(Italian Publishers Association)
– Chiara Eleonora Coppola, Project Officer, Center for Book and Reading, AIE(Italian Publishers Association)
– Choi Insuk, Ph.D. Professor&Translator, Wonkwang University

Global Publishing Market Trends

Bodour Al Qasimi President, International Publishers Association