Jin Xianling(Ivy Jin)

Jieli Publishing House Co., Ltd(China)
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Please introduce yourself and what interests you have

I joined Jieli Publishing House in 2016, and started to work as a rights manager. I like reading and I am always very happy to have connection with publication, that’s why I choose to work in a publishing house.
Jieli is specialized in children’s book, and I like reading picture books too, even though I am an adult. And I believe more and more adults will love them and get healing through reading the nice picture books.

Why did you decide to publish Korean books? Why and its series?

As I can read and speak Korean, it’s easier for me to review Korean books.
Korean books have their own characters in story-telling and illustrations, especially in picture book area.
Many Korean illustrators got Bologna Ragazzi Award, that’s why we start to pay more attention to Korean books too.

Many people think that with less words and pictures, it’s easy to publish baby books. But the fact is, there are not so many good books for very little babies, which means it’s more difficult to have good children’s books.

and its series have its own special style and also they are all well designed. In my opinion, the most important thing for baby books is not let little ones get knowledge, but let them love reading, let the parents and their babies have stronger connection by reading.
and its series can make it real. Not only babies can enjoy the books, parents can also join the reading.

Introduce the process of publishing Korean book in your country e.g) the way of publishing, the process of marketing and sales? What is impact of COVID-19 on publishing the book and how do you overcome this circumstance?

As for the publishing process, I think there’s nothing special by Korean books.
By marketing, especially during COVID-19, we pay more attention to online promotion. We will invite editors, promoters to tell the stories, organize reading events in Wechat group and so on. As the situation is getting better, we also plan to have exhibition. During BIBF (Beijing International Book Fair), we will have exhibition for Baek Heena’s books.

Your thoughts on why Korean books gained attention in your country?

Like everybody has own personality, books from different country have their own characters too. Everybody has own taste, if some people love books from US, UK, there must be some people who love Korean books.
Otherwise, Korean books are getting more international, more and more Korean authors and illustrators get famous worldwide. It’s not a surprise, that Chinese publisher will get more attention to Korean books.

Is there any Korean books catches your mind these days? Are there any Korean books you are interested in?

Personally I like picture books most. We have cooperation with Baek Heena(백희나), Lee Suzy (이수지), Bonsoir Lune(안녕달), Lee Ji-eun(이지은) and we want to find more new authors and illustrators, who have their own personalities.

These days, what is the issue in publishing industry in China?

Some genres, such as children’s literature, non-fiction, they are always very popular. There are also new trends too. As I start my work, chapter books are not sold well. But now, many publishers are looking for this kind of books. I find that essays and short stories collections are quite popular in Korea, maybe it will be new trend in a few years in China too, as reading habits of children and young people are changing.

Lastly, what do you want to say to the Korean publisher?

Hope we can have more various kinds of cooperation, not only buy or sell rights.

Please tell us about your company.

Founded in 1990, JIELI Publishing House (short for JIELI hereafter) is a publishing organization specializing in children and adolescence literature. Since its establishment, JIELI has been making progresses and achieving outstanding goals. Up till now, JIELI has set up three branch offices including Preschool, Middle Grade and Young Adult branches, with an average of nearly 500 varieties of books published annually. In 2019,the total shipments of JIELI amounted to RMB 883 million, with a year-on-year growth of 9.83%.

JIELI dedicates itself to providing readers with high-quality fiction and non-fiction publications. Since its establishment, over 500 books have been awarded as Chinese Best Publications Award and Five Ones Project Awards; the publishing house has been honored as Chinese Top 100 Books Publishing House and National Excellent Publishing House. In April 2016, JIELI won the BOOKBRUNCH International Children and Adolescence Publisher Award. In May 2020, JIELI won Bologna Prize Best Children’s Publishers of the Year.