SIBF Rights center
Introduces notable books published in Korea this year in six areas.
Liberal Arts, Science, Literature, Picture book, Children’s literature, and Children’s nonfiction.

Category Speaker Book List Play Video
Liberal Arts Winter Kim The Good Discriminator by Kim Ji-Hye
The world of Bong Joon-ho Spoken by Lee Dongjin
and 3 more
Science Winter Kim Study on Quantum Mechanics by Kim Sang-Wook
Blue Sky Red Earth by Cho Chun-Ho
and 3 more
Literature Winter Kim A Little Sincerity by Jo Hae-Jin
Am I Eligible to Touch the Tree by Kim Soom
and 5 more
Korean Children's nonfiction Han Mihwa Your Brain Rocks! Brain Explorers! Unlock the Secret by Jeong Jaeseung
Raucous Science Class with Mr. Yong by Sapyoung Science Research Institute
and 3 more
Korean Children's literature Han Mihwa Secret Wish by Kim Dano
Fighters of Legend by Yi Hyun
and 3 more
Korean picture books Han Mihwa All Aboard! by Jang Ho-seon
Corner by Zo-o
and 3 more