Tracy Hurren

Drawn & Quarterly (Canada)
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Please introduce ‘Drawn & Quarterly’ and the work you are currently in charge to Korean readers and publishers.

Drawn & Quarterly is a graphic novel publishing house based out of Montreal, Canada. We’ve been publishing comics for over 30 years. In addition to translating Korean comics into English, many of our comics have also been translated into Korean, including the works of Aminder Dhaliwal, Adrian Tomine, Chester Brown, Nick Drnaso, Tom Gauld, and Julie Delporte, to name a few.

our company has published various Graphic novels of Korean authors including Yeon-sik Hong's two works , and Keum Suk Gendry-Kim's two works , . I would like to know about the process of publishing those 4 works. How have you first got to know Yeon-sik Hong, Keum Suk Gendry-Kim and their works? What made you decide to publish them?

We run two bookstores here in Montreal, where French is the official language so we carry books in both French and English. Both of these cartoonists came to our attention through the French translations we sold at our store. We were immediately drawn in by the original and stunning cartooning, and

What is the reaction of Canadian readers to those 4 works?

The books have been very well received in Canada, as well as the US and the UK, where we also distribute our titles. With Yeon-sik Hong, there’s a universality to his stories of familial bonds and love. With Keum Suk Gendry-Kim’s books, the work is much more specifically rooted in Korea and history, but she brings these heartbreaking historical accounts to life so vividly with such warm and loveable characters. These translations have received reviews in The Guardian, The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Vulture, The Atlantic, GQ, and many other newspapers and magazines. We have already seen a lot of interest in the upcoming release of The Waiting from trade periodicals like Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Kirkus Magazine and we are confident that it will be one of our bestselling books of 2021.

What factors do you focus on when deciding which overseas works to publish?

We’re really just interested in good cartooning. There are not specific types of content we’re after, just exceptional command of cartooning language and transformational stories.

The world's publishing industry is undergoing major changes in the covid-19 pandemic. I would like to know how the publishing market in Canada has changed since the pandemic and how your company is responding to it.

The biggest challenges are with printing and distribution. Paper has become much more expensive and because of the global shipping crisis, the multinational publishers are printing most of their books in the US and Canada instead of China, which means it is taking two or three times as long to print a book here in Canada as it did previously. But publishing itself is still a good business—people are still buying books just like they did before the pandemic, so that’s been a relief.

For those in charge of overseas publishing companies who want to publish translations in Canada, please explain the process of publishing the works of foreign countries in Canada.

If any publishers reading this are looking for English language publishers to acquire rights to their manhwa, they can reach out to and we’d be happy to take a look.

Are there any Korean writers or works that you are interested in recently or want to work with in the future? ​

We’ve just signed the contract to publish Yeong-shin Ma’s books Artist 1 & 2, following a very strong response from readers to his first English translation, Moms. We’ll be publishing both books as a single English language book and we’re incredibly excited about that.

Is there any last message you would like to leave to Korean readers and publishers?

We are very excited to continue to develop the English language market for Korean comics in Canada, the USA, the UK, and other English speaking territories.