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We are a Latin American literary agency with a special focus in the Asia-Pacific region.

We represent writers, illustrators and 15 publishing companies from Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Spain and have vast experience and understanding of the Latin American market, based on the expertise of our CEO, the acclaimed journalist Vivian Lavín.

We offer Children Books, Comic&Graphic Novels and Narrative books.
We were part in Fellowship program SIBF 2019.

Book information-

Book titleAuthorDate of PublicationPublisherISBNPriceCurrency
From sayings to poemsFran Nuño & Jan Barceló08/04/2019Yekibud978-84-947989-6-21500EUR
Josefina &ManuelSol Díaz08/10/2014Ocho Libros978-956-335-211-51000EUR
The clay figurineEmma Reyes08/02/2020Libros del Zorro Rojo978-84-120790-4-32000EUR
In the cloudsAna Hasbún12/04/2018Liberalia Ed.95684847521500EUR
When I grow up I want to beAmparo García & Margarita Valdés06/06/2021Muñeca de Trapo Ed.978-956-9829-20-81500BND
My mother is not niceLoreto Corvalán08/04/2013pehuen Ed.97895616051141000EUR
The girl who got lost in her hairAndrés Kalawski08/05/2012Alfaguara978-956-347-343- 81000EUR
Behind the glowing glassAntonia Bañados08/22/2021Archipiélago978-956-4027-14-22500EUR
Mocha Dick: The legend of the White WhaleFrancisco Ortega & Gonzalo Martínez08/05/2012Planeta Books978-956-360-117-61500EUR
The pirats: the Island of the wizard(Trilogy)Alexis Vivallo08/08/2021Ariete Ed.978-956-401-213-11000EUR
Remi looks for a jobFlorencia Herrera & Antonia Herrera08/04/2020Muñeca de Trapo Ediciones978-956-9829-11-61500EUR
The Tiger´s stripesMarcelo Simonetti & Sebastián Ilabaca08/04/2019SM97895636334501500EUR
The who imaginedMarcelo Simonetti & Sandra Conejeros08/17/2020Ulla Books978-956-09056-6-62000EUR
Bienvenida, LupeEva Palomar08/04/2019Babulinka Books978-84-945842-8-22000EUR
Animal Love : A crazy flirtAngeles Quinteros & Angeles Vargas08/01/2019Escrito con Tiza Ediciones978-956-09054-9-92000EUR
Star/Küyen/Star & LightRoberto Fuentes08/23/2020PRH97895694761123000EUR
FriendsCaro Celis12/22/2019Cocorocoq Ediciones978-956-9806-04-91500EUR
I take care and explore my PlanetElena Pantoja & Andrea Vergara - Pablo Luebert07/01/2020La Bonita ediciones97895698441712000EUR
There is a Superheroe in the gardenFrancisca Bravo01/03/2021Akanni Ediciones978-956-6108-07-82000USD
FreakshowAlvaro Matus01/01/2021Arcano IV9 789568 8493442500USD
Book titleAuthorDate of PublicationPublisherISBNPriceCurrency