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Company NameGarlic Crush Studios


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NameEric Yin

PositionFounder/Creative Director

Address11F.-9, No. 346, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd.
Taipei City, Songshan Dist 105
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Child/Adolescent(Education, Picture Books)

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Garlic Crush is a children's story studio based in Taipei.

We create original stories, illustrations, and characters that are both super fun for children and deliver a positive message.
Our books have a lot of details and encourage interactions, readers can always find new surprises and enjoy what we call a 'Play-Read' reading experience.

We believe laughter and fun have the same effect on childhood that garlic has on food. They make everything taste more flavorful, meaningful and wonderful.

Book information-

Book titleAuthorDate of PublicationPublisherISBNPriceCurrency
Food VillainsGarlic Farmers01/18/2021Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69901-58-141.23USD
Family Secrets (Set of 4 Books)Garlic Farmers04/08/2020Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69850-38-449.19USD
Brownc Kindergarten (Roll Call + Vacation + Back to School + Run + Nap + Eat + Friend + Toilet)Garlic Farmers08/12/2021Garlic Crush Studios978-98-60694-90-198.37USD
Good Habits・No Good HabitsGarlic Farmers04/29/2020Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69850-39-115.19USD
My Mom, My BabyGarlic Farmers11/12/2019Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69757-07-217.72USD
The Courageous OneBen Liu07/01/2020Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69901-50-517.72USD
Sheepy the DogGarlic Farmers10/26/2020Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69901-54-313.74USD
Magic TentGarlic Farmers09/28/2020Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69901-53-613.74USD
MY! Book: Lunar New YearGarlic Farmers01/05/2019Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69648-97-413.74USD
Hey TaipeiKathy Cheng04/25/2019Garlic Crush Studios978-98-69648-99-816.28USD
Book titleAuthorDate of PublicationPublisherISBNPriceCurrency