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Cosmos Culture Ltd., established in March 1998, is composed of intellectuals from different professions. The staff is devoted to cultural education and hopes to make a significant contribution to the inheritance and development of world culture by providing knowledge and high quality reference books to our readers.

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Book titleAuthorDate of PublicationPublisherISBNPriceCurrency
English for Medical Professionals(菊8K + 1MP3)Shu-Chuan Liang / Adrian Maskery06/23/2014Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863182436500TWD
Go on a Trip! English for Traveling and Tourism(16K+1MP3)P. Walsh / Brian Foden11/19/2018Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863187455520TWD
English Now!(1):Listening and Speaking in Everyday Life (Second Edition) (菊8K+1MP3)Owain Mckimm05/13/2013Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863180951480TWD
Target Reading 1: 6 Keys to Comprehension (3rd Ed.) (16K+寂天雲隨身聽APP)Zachary Fillingham / Richard Luhrs / Michelle Witte01/08/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189633400TWD
Ready for Reading Success 1: Develop Your Reading Comprehension Skills (16K+寂天雲隨身聽APP)Rob Webb / Zachary Fillingham / Richard Luhrs / Owain Mckimm / Laura Phelps03/16/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189954280TWD
Step Into Target Reading 1:Smart Ways to Build Comprehension (16K彩圖+寂天雲隨身聽APP)Shara Dupuis / Owain Mckimm / Laura Phelps07/05/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9786263000254280TWD
Spot On Reading 1:Keys to Developing Core Competencies(16K+寂天雲隨身聽APP)Owain Mckimm / Laura Phelps03/09/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189794450TWD
English Now: Starter (菊8K+1MP3)Owain Mckimm07/24/2020Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189190405TWD
Success With Reading 2 (5th Ed.) (16K+寂天雲隨身聽APP)Zachary Fillingham / Owain Mckimm / Judy Majewski01/20/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189718420TWD
English POWER-On 1: Building Vocabulary & Reading Skills (2nd Ed.) (16K+1MP3)Amanda J. Freerksen07/25/2018Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863187080500TWD
English for Specialized Science and Technology (2nd ed.)JoAnne Juett02/18/2016Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863184287550TWD
MICE English: Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conventions, and Exhibitions (Second Edition) (菊8K+寂天雲隨身聽APP)Yu-Miao Yang / Po-Ting Fang, Grace / I-Lin Fu / Ching-Yi Tien03/09/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189831500TWD
English for Business Communication 1【Second Edition】(菊8K+MP3)Michelle Witte05/04/2017Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863185680450TWD
Everyday Office English (Second Edition) (16K+寂天雲隨身聽APP)Michelle Witte03/09/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189855580TWD
English for Tourism and Restaurants 1 (3rd Ed.)(菊8K+1MP3)Richard Luhrs / Peg Tinsley / Owain Mckimm07/18/2019Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863187097580TWD
Gateways to Cross-Cultural Exchanges (菊8K + 寂天雲隨身聽APP)Mohamed Reddad / Yukiri Kusaka / Paul C. Talley / Po-Ting Fang, Grace / Ching-Yi Tien03/16/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189961600TWD
Specialized English for Tourism (4th Ed.)Kiwi Cheng, Owain Mckimm08/16/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9786263000452550TWD
Using Magic Mind Maps to Learn 2000 Basic Vocabulary WordsZoe Teng, Olanda Lin, Maddie Smith08/13/2021Cosmos Culture Ltd.9786263000261480TWD
Using Magic Mind Maps to Learn Basic English GrammarAlex Rath Ph.D., YANG WEI-XIN08/14/2020Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863189268480TWD
Comprehensive Grammar (Second Edition)(景黎明)01/15/2015Cosmos Culture Ltd.9789863182603880TWD
Book titleAuthorDate of PublicationPublisherISBNPriceCurrency